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Zupreem Primate Diets

Zupreem Primate Dry - 20lb
Zupreem Marmoset Diet - 15oz can
Zupreem Primate Diet - 15oz/24 cans
Zupreem Primate O's - 20lb

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10k Yellow Gold Diamond Monkey
Supreme Mini Treats
Supreme Mini Treats are a nutritionally complete treat for you primate.  Mini Treats are a safer choice than feeding less-nutritious, high sugar, uncertified treats that could potentially affect your primates health.  The irresistible aroma and taste will appeal to all your primates.

Available in Banana, Marshmallow, Chocolate, Pina Colada, and Very Berry!

Fruit Crunchies
  Tasty medley of Orange, Grape, and Apple

Prima Treats
  Healthy Fruit Treats for your Primate!

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